K-POP stars like BTS, EXO, BlackPink, WannaOne and PSY have become global phenomena. Their popularity has extended out from Asia to reach a global audience, contributing an astounding USD $46 billion to the global music market. Their success is living proof that innovative new ways of marketing music and managing celebrities can and will work. These stars were created by industry professionals who had the foresight to realise the vast, untapped potential that can be unleashed through new infrastructures and technologies.


Zenith Media Group (ZMG) was established by Norimitsu Kameshima in 2013 to pursue opportunities in the entertainment industry. Together with Shanghai Yuen Xinxing Technology, he created Luo Tianyi, a virtualized animated character. Following the acquisition of Luo Tianyi by Nasdaq listed Bilibili Inc in 2018, Mr Kameshima focused on Z-POP Dream through a ZMG subsidiary, Seoul-based Zenith Media Contents (ZMC).

In February 2020, ZMC was discontinued and the Z-POP Dream business was transferred to Singapore headquartered Divtone Entertainment (formerly called COZMIC Group). Divtone Entertainment is part of the Divtone Group established by Mr. Kameshima as Founder & Group CEO.


Divtone Entertainment is one of Asia’s leading digital entertainment providers, focusing on the creation, production and distribution of musical performance content. In partnership with its partners in the Divtone Group, the company is on a mission to advance Enter-Tech (Entertainment Technology) innovation across the region – and worldwide.

Regional headquartered in Singapore, Divtone Entertainment has now expanded across Asia through local partnerships in Japan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our first international project, Z-POP Dream, was launched to identify Asia’s next generation of stars. Following its successful first season, the Z-Girls and Z-Boys (together as Z-Stars) made their worldwide debuts at Z-POP Dream Live in Seoul 2019, released their inaugural singles and embarked on international tours across the region. Z-POP Dream is now embarking on its highly-anticipated future seasons and will be expanded to more countries in future.

Fans can stay in touch with their favourite stars 24-7 via glitsy™, Z-POPDream’s interactive entertainment app for Gen Z. Launched in June 2019, this social network connects the Z-Stars with a growing community of fans and rewards those who interact the most.

Together with Divtone Immersive and Divtone Studios, its creative partners in the Divtone Group, Divtone Entertainment is using innovative experiences and cutting-edge digital technology to reinvent the entertainment industry through Z-POP Dream project.

We are One World. We are Divtone.

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