Updates on Z-POP Dream Project

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Updates on Z-POP Dream Project

Updates on Z-POP Dream Project

8 September 2020, Singapore – The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected plans for the Z-Stars and the Z-POP Dream project. Despite multiple rescheduling of activities, many countries are still unable to confirm when travel restrictions will be lifted. Beyond the inability to travel, countries are also imposing strict social distancing measures and limits to event size, which affects the Z-POP Dream project due to the large number of Z-Stars, trainers, producers and other staff that will be required to be involved.

The health and safety of the Z-Stars and employees are of utmost importance; we will not put anyone at risk without assurances that it is permissible to safely gather in one location.


In the upcoming months, Z-Boys and Z-Girls will continue to create content remotely and participate in ad-hoc online activities to stay in touch with GalaxZ.  At the same time, the Z-Stars will use this opportunity to improve their individual training and development, as well as build their social profile and online presence.

Music and dance are the key elements of the Z-POP Dream project. The Z-Stars need to regroup in a single location to prepare and subsequently produce new music.  As this is currently not possible, we appreciate your understanding and patience.  Divtone Entertainment will share updates as soon as clarity for re-grouping is available.


Due to the same COVID-19 pandemic restrictions mentioned earlier, we are unable to confirm when training can commence for winners from our Season 2 auditions.  For the past 9 months, the winners have placed their work and studies on hold; thus, in their best interests, Divtone Entertainment will release the winners, so they can pursue their personal plans with immediate effect. Should the situation permit in the future, we will review to reach out to the Season 2 winners if they are still keen and available to pursue the opportunity.

For the rest of 2020, the comeback of Z-Boys and Z-Girls, when possible, is our top priority. Divtone Entertainment will focus on promotional efforts to facilitate Z-Stars’ engagement with the fans.

Once again, we sincerely appreciate your understanding of the situation and thank you for your continuous support.

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