glitsy™ and THE COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF® invite instagrammers to stimulate senses in Asia

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glitsy™ and THE COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF® invite instagrammers to stimulate senses in Asia

glitsy™, COZMIC Group’s interactive entertainment app for Generation Z, has partnered with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® in Singapore to stimulate senses all across Asia, with an ASMR event that invited fans and some of Asia’s top social media influencers to create their own spine-tingling video clips.

ASMR, or “autonomous sensory meridian response”, is the world’s biggest new vlogging phenomenon. Using natural ambient sounds to trigger positive physical sensations, it has given rise to a new generation of “ASMRtists” who are generating millions of online hits and followers. In fact, it’s so massive that it now generates more online search interest than chocolate¹!

On 9th November 2019, glitsy invited its in-app community to upload and share their best gastronomy-related ASMR videos to the app, including singing content. Users could then rate each clip with in-app virtual gifts – a truly multi-sensory experience! Alternatively, glitsy’s followers can access Z-POP Dream’s very own ASMR videos, including Priyanka of Z-Girls and Gai of Z-Boys, live from South Korea!

Coinciding with this in-app event, glitsy and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® hosted 21 hand-picked Instagrammers to take part in an exclusive LIVE ASMR feature at the Bugis Junction Store. KOLs including Victor (@victorl0), a food photographer influencer, and Santo (@stsanto), founder of the InstaSG Instagrammer community in Singapore, in Singapore were on hand to sample the new range of Holiday drinks at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. The featured drinks included the refreshing and indulgent Chocolate Mint Ice Blended® drink and latte, Salted Popcorn Ice Blended® drink and luxurious Red Velvet Hot Cocoa.”

During the event, these social media stars were set a series of tasks, including a photo challenge and making their own short ASMR videos to showcase the festive flavours – describing each variety in their own inimitable and inspiring way.

“Christmas brings to mind so many feelings – joy, love, gratefulness and nostalgia – and our new festive drinks are much more than just taste sensations. They have been crafted to awaken new sensations, which makes ASMR a great way to experience our exciting Holiday food and beverages! We are thrilled to partner with glitsy to reach out to our younger audience. I am confident that our Holiday food and beverages will definitely set our customers’ taste buds tingling!” said Karen Chua, Director of Marketing, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®.

“ASMR is resonating around the world, and glitsy is the perfect place to showcase the most exhilarating content. We are delighted to partner with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® for this unique in-app experience, which shows how online videos can enhance emotions. At glitsy, we are driving ASMR user-generated content for our fans to access and embrace. This is a global movement that invokes a sense of happiness, and we are proud to be playing a leading role in advancing it,” added Wu Swee Sin, Chief Business Officer, COZMIC Group and glitsy.

Launched in June 2019, glitsy lets millions of fans stay connected 24-7 with Z-POP DREAM stars, or “Dreamers”, through in-app features like sending virtual gifts, hearts and winks, and online voting. Those who participate the most will earn points that can be redeemed for incentives, such as limited-edition merchandise and access to private events, while also becoming Top Fans. Regular in-app contests will also enable fans to get up-close with their favourite Dreamers.

Soon, fans will be able to use the app to buy merchandise, concert tickets and much more! To interact with Dreamers and access exclusive ASMR content, download the glitsy app now from the Apple Store or Google Play.


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